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With our fully digitized end-to-end process, we have managed to offer our customers a mouthguard that is optimally adapted to the jaw and needs. Each protection is unique! This ensures a high level of comfort and good hold. Our modelsMaxProtect andSmartProtect are characterized by the fact that they can be flexibly adapted to individual use. Depending on the need to absorb hard blows or to protect the teeth against mechanical damage, the hardness of the protection can vary from 4FlexOptions can be chosen 25, 50, 75 and 100.

 With the digital approach, the athlete's upper jaw is scanned once for 10 minutes and then his individual mouthguard is made from it. Further models, including the AntiGrinder anti-crushing protection or hardening, can be reordered online as often as desired. The scan is only billed once and only needs to be repeated after dental or jaw treatments. For the firstten scan You can book an appointment for an event or for an express order under the following link.